Ballet is a special art form. It consists of many elements and each of them take a tremendous amount of effort to develop. A dancer has to be graceful, strong, persistent, determined, and powerful both physically and spiritually. Nothing is given in ballet - everything has to be earned through hard work. 

We asked ourselves - if there is one crucial element of ballet that could be given, what would that be? 

In 2015 we found the answer that turned out to be the beginning of Miralova; costumes. 

We started with a simple but specific mission - to provide the highest quality ballet costumes to the most determined young dancers. 

We discovered that generally, professional dancers have access to high quality costumes while the younger emerging stars do not.

It was as if young dancers were not taken seriously until they reached a certain level of proficiency and recognition.

We treat the costumes of those who begin their journey in the world of ballet with the utmost seriousness and attention to details, which they so often lack. 

Our goal is to provide a great foundation for future success and we are excited to see our customers grow up to become ballet stars.